Sunday 31 May 2009

Total for Portugal

As I am getting things in place for the packers, I counted up how many quilts I have made while I have been living here, which will be a total of 4 years and 10 months by the time I leave.
So, I've made :-

2 king size,
2 queen size,
23 lap/single size,
20 wall hangings and table runners,
2 baby size..... 49 quilts in total. Plus Tara's makes 50
I have the Wonky Straight Lines, which I am working on at present.
I have works in progress too,

My crumb quilt (will eventually make a kingsize),
Ocean Waves (will be a big one)
The New York Beauty thing (wall hanging),
Christmas Round Robin still to quilt (wall hanging),
and Applique Allsorts, to be quilted, (wall hanging)...
thats 5 works in progress ... unless I find more as I tidy places.
I've also made a few bags, many postcards, one fabric basket, and worked on several charity quilts....
I must go polish my halo now.... tee hee


me said...

Wow, no kidding! You certainly have been very busy! You do beautiful work too.

Patchwork and Craft in Portugal said...

Lucky you that you had lots of time to do quilts. Did you include Tara's quilt

Angie said...

Oh no, I forgot Tara's, have given lots of table runner gifts too, no doubt I forgot a few on my list...