Friday 22 May 2009

Quilt Cave

Daffodils galore!!!
Rosalia (Blue Lady) has almost finished her quilting, in this picture you can see all the threads waiting to be tied off and hidden. She leaves hers until last as it is her least favourite job.

Therese has the centre of the daffodils complete, we stayed a little longer in the Quilt Cave as it was so close to being finished. Therese will add the two borders at home and will hopefully start the quilting next week.....
only a few hours earlier Therese was trying to sort out the puzzle of the pattern pieces... and talking to them as she did it!!! asking the pieces if they were in the right place... tee hee

Ursula quilting her Daffodils, she used some decorative stitches round the bell of the flowers...lovely

Maureen is an artist and sees things in a very different way. Here she is pondering the design and how it will cut into strips... she spent ages looking at this fabric before slicing it. This project will be a king size Bento Box quilt, it's her second project, the first was a rail fence table runner.
Ann-Marie started cutting for her new Bento Box project but then decided to finish her table runner on her Brand new Bernina Baby, oh how we these machines!!!
Irene was making another Dutch house.... made with tiny templates each one takes almost all day. After one house she switched to making some fiddley chickens for an applique project.

Jackie made a set of blocks using the "Wonky Block" method that I demonstrated during the morning... fast and fun.
Sally didn't join us but she did send in her Daffodils, she wanted to make them famous on my blog , he he he

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