Saturday 3 April 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Peppa Pig.... Joan The Shop has added some lovely applique on this baby quilt, flowers and butterflies and more Peppa Pig.
This is block number two, Brenda made this one all by her very own self, so I am thinking she is ready to tackle a bigger project soon... but, next time, she will make a Mat & Ruler bag.... Joan The Shop bought the one from my last post!! he he he.... I'm back to not having a demo model again... better crack on with that 'How To' that I have half way.... a.s.a.p. In this picture Brenda is scanning through her new book while she waits for me.
This is Dotty Maureen working on her secret project that looked like a cummerbund a few weeks ago.... there are big clues as to what it will become in this photo!
Joan The Shop playing with colouring pens?? She is making a label for the Rail Fence table runner, it will be called "Strawberries By Rail" very good name, tis because the fabric had cute little strawberries on it.
These are Brenda's blocks, that stripey fabric for the borders will take them up to 17" which will be perfect for making her sofa cushions. We fussy cut the strips to get the stripes all going in the same direction, cool eh!
Shirley Lerly was with us until 2pm. We made her sandwich, yes... I remembered the batting/wadding this time, and she started quilting her Rail Fence project. I took this photo moments after she left, that is the only reason that there is a space in the top left there, these ladies spread out very quickly, 5 minutes later that table was covered with stuff!

We meet again next Friday, 9th April, we have spaces so, if you are not going to Quilts At The Races in Uttoxeter next Friday, why not join us?

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Helen in the UK said...

Looks like your group is very productive!

You asked on Stashbusters about visiting new blogs. I do scroll down through several posts to see how much quilty interest there is and if I love it, I'll explore older messages too :)