Sunday 11 April 2010

I Am An Angel!!!

This is the Overall champion of the Quilts At The Races quilt show.... according to the judges......

I'm a "Quilt Angel", with a proper badge and a pair of official, small, white gloves (too small for my hands to be honest) I got to handle the quilts, stop others from touching them etc, but best of all.... I got to talk about quilts and quilty stuff with lovely, fun people ALL DAY.... how much fun is a girl allowed to have... I'm going back for more today, he he he, I love being an Angel!
... anyway, where was I....?
Oh yes, the judges... as I was doing my 'Angel-ing', I heard so many people disagreeing with the judges, it was very interesting to hear other opinions, I'm not saying the judges were wrong, not at all, but I think I might have courage to put a quilt of my own into a show now, as should you, if you don't already..... I was afraid of being judged you see... but it's only the Judges' opinions, their likes, their choices... lots of other people have different opinions, one thing you can be sure about.... someone will love your quilt and say lovely things about it!
There was one guy who was very cross, he thought this quilt should have won, he voted for on his "Visitors Vote" paper and as he did so he said...
" I have never been to a quilt show before, I know nothing about quilts and stuff, but I know I prefer this one, it is fantastic, I'm voting for it!" ..... so, there you go, if we all liked the same things... life would be pretty boring eh?

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