Thursday 15 April 2010


This quilt caused a great deal of interest at the Uttoxeter quilt show. Margaret had asked us to take in extra quilts to drape over the SPQ (Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters) stand because, with the change in location, they had a bigger space than the original plan. So, basically, this quilt was used at the last minute to fill a gap.
I made it in Portugal, September 2006... thanks to my label because I couldn't remember that. I had had a new lady join my IWP group and she, Linda, bought along her quilt to work on the hand quilting. I asked her to show me how she had made it... hey ho, this is my version. I think she got the pattern in Hong Kong, but I could be mistaken, it was an oriental country though, I am sure about that.
So I have been asked, numerous times now, for the pattern... where is that darn pattern????
The design was a bit complex to put together, I do remember that bit!!! he he he
I've spent hours now trying to find it. I have a drawing of the template so I made that in template plastic. I have figured out how the blocks work using my quilt and my terrible memory.... I am now working on how to explain it in writing oooooer... not easy!

Update..... Dotty Maureen found this link, it's very similar to my way and the end result is the same, it's called "Japanese Puzzle"...


Birte said...

Hi Angie
That is a stunning quilt. I have never seen it before, you must have done it while I was on recreation (slipped disc) in Germany. I am "waiting" for the pattern. Would be nice with the flower fabric I bought at Cotton Patch "years " ago. You remember?
Love Birte

Birte said...

Thanks to Dotty Maureen for the link.
Have a nice and sunny sunday where ever you are in the world.
love Birte