Wednesday 20 August 2014

Just Edna's Big One

Just Edna had a bit of a shock on Monday... She finished the piano key borders on her quilt top and trimmed them all perfectly in line... Happy lady.
She finished the large pieced backing, even happier lady... and then began to pack her project away... She tried to make a booking to come for a Sandwich Saturday... We have lots of our regular ladies away on their jolly holidays so... there was room for sandwiching TODAY... even for sandwiching a 2.80 metre square Log Cabin quilt!! Oh heck, thought Enda!
Poor Edna... she found she had her pins in her bag so there was no excuse to be found... we pushed the tables together and helped Edna make her giant sandwich... It's a good job I sell extra wide wadding... 3 metres wide in fact, that's 120" in old money. This quilt weighs about ten tons... poor Edna now has the job of quilting this beauty, she'll have muscles like Popeye when she's done! ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

In this case, big is beautiful.