Wednesday 27 August 2014

Stitching Progress

 My Mum Gwynneth and I, my very good self, both snook down for another secret sewing day in my very own, closed, quilt shop. It's like an extremely fabulous sewing studio and it's such a treat to play there. Mum continued with work on her lovely robin appliqué. She's mastered turning all sorts of tricky angles with her zig-zag stitch... thank goodness for her knee-lift! You can see here she's using my light box, an added extra to one of the counters. My Dad made it for me way back when we first opened and it's proving to be very useful. It's quite large and on a counter that's higher than the tables, so it's easy on the old back ache.
I started another quilt... the one I gave you the link to yesterday, from the Moda Bake Shop site. I didn't use a Layer cake though... that would have been easier... but I can't keep helping myself to things in my lovely shop that you might like to purchase some time now can I... he he he. I had some of these delicious Art Gallery Fabrics left from making the gifting lap quilt so, as I love love love them... I used them again. Progress was slow because I was being creative at each step... that means that I kept cutting the wrong sizes!! Then, just as it was coming together I realised that I had run out of one fabric...only the most important one!! The one that makes the zig-zag lines through out the whole darn thing! I have a plan, don't worry... but some unpicking needs to be done now... I can't go to my shop for another whole day of sewing, I have to get it ready for opening up tomorrow and, believe me, I have made a good old mess!... but surely I can sneak a couple of hours... I'm off to work on that right now... shower time!

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