Sunday 10 August 2014

My Weekend

That's it for another year then. I love Festival Of Quilts. Two coach trips this year, one on Saturday and the other today, Sunday... meant I was able to spend two whole days walking dingling around everything wonderful and inspiring. I thought I had seen everything in those two days ... but you know what? When we were on the coach on the way home, everyone had seen something that I had missed... and I tried really hard not to miss a trick. I took very few pictures because I hardly ever go back through them afterwards, I decided to drink up all the lovely information in the moment...
Here are my favourite things...

I had a good look at all the shops/stalls, trying to find display ideas for my very own shop.... because we are not allowed to take photos of them and because my memory leaked them all out... I already forgot all the good ideas that I was trying my hardest to remember, hahahahaha
it doesn't matter a hoot... I had a great weekend!

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