Monday 25 August 2014

Quilty Quarters

Good morning all... I would like to start this post with a small request... I'd like please,to ask you to give a large and loud, Toot Toot Toot fanfare for my very own, fabulous and finished, Girly, Gifting quilt... What a lovely feeling to make something from beginning to end in just over a week... though it could have been made in a few days.
I used 30 squares from a Moda Printemps Layer Cake and it's super easy to do... I will be writing up the instructions soon.
I need to make a little label and stitch it on before it can be delivered to it's lovely new owner... I love this quilt! It's not my usual cup of tea but, I do. I will gift it, I really will gift it, I am trying ever so hard... I WILL gift it! ha ha ha
My never-ending, calendar quilts are coming along very nicely. I have made an awful mess in Quilty Quarters... I've done a lot of rooting to find the right fabrics you see. I've decided to make all the little tops first, I am going to finish... yes FINISH! all of the appliqué work first. I can set up my machine with one colour and do all the stitching on all the pictures in that one colour before I change thread and repeat... I figured I would motor through with this method... Once that's done I will quilt them the same way... like a little production line.
The trouble is... I didn't feel like doing any more blanket stitch yesterday. I wanted to piece another quilt... I need to make another little lap quilt to gift to someone else... Boy am I being generous these days!! ha ha ha
My stuff was all set up for applique in my quilty quarters... you know what I did??

I went down to my very own little quilt shop to play... from choosing fabrics to sandwich all in 5 hours! I will be quilting this today... I better get going...

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