Wednesday 13 August 2014

Stitching New

Jeannette Dilly returned with even more stunning blocks made up. She's stitching on her very own, brand new, Juki HZL F600, a superb machine with a great 1/4" button... or foot... whichever is best for you. Dilly says her accuracy has improved A LOT, that makes her happy happy happy!
Monday Sheila wanted to add a little Ric-Rac to her project... she couldn't decide which colour she wanted... we have 11 to choose from... but if you can't decide which you want... you can buy them all, pay for ten and get the  eleventh one free... how generous am I?? ha ha ha... you'll save 40 pence
Susan is still on summer leave from work so was able to fit in another play date with us... look what she's been working on... cute-etty-cute. She makes lovely projects and does beautiful stitching. All of those lovely fabrics were purchased in my very own, quite lovely, little quilt shop.
Just Jan is making a Persian Rug quilt. It's her very own design, I've seen the doodles and crossings out on paper! She started with making up the centre in fabric... the rest will be planned as it is needed... first on paper then, of course in fabric... quite a talented lady it seems, we will see the progress as it happens.
PM Pam purchased this little pillow kit at the festival Of Quilts. 
Seems we all love a little kit! It was every so fast to make up. Longport Lynda already owns the Sizzix Die for these lovely little pussys so, no doubt we will be seeing more of them.
Quilts For Sale... There's a tab at the top of this blog with quilts we have for sale.
Mum makes them up to order in between making samples for my lovely shop.
This is an Eye Spy style quilt. We also sell the packs of 30 x 6" squares, the ones in the centre there.
This little kiddie quilt is made from a new panel we received recently
As well as this finished quilt, we're making up kits for you to purchase, they include backing and wadding so you can make your very own little kiddie quilt.
We have packs of these fabrics too. 30 x 6" squares... those you see in the centre there. They are all from one of Nancy Halvorsen's delicious collections. Mum made piano key borders this time but there are lots of other options... lots... and lots. Wait 'til you see what we put on the back!!

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