Friday 15 August 2014

Skeleton Sandwich Anyone?

It was one of those days when lots of my regular Thursday ladies were not able to come, for one reason and another... including a broken hip, holidays, hospitalization, sitting on grand children and illness... a plethora of good excuses! So I took bookings for afternoon sandwiching... what a coincidence to get two skeleton quilts! Rose sandwiched her rather stunning Fund Raiser quilt too but I missed pictures of that...
Morning Judith's making her quilt for gifting to a sixteen year old fellow.
 She used guitar and music themed fabrics in the backing and borders.

I am sure he will love it.
PM Pam's Skeleton, also for gifting.
Pam found more skeleton fabric that glows in the dark for her backing.
We all popped into my loo with the lights off to have a good giggle about it
... easily amused eh! 
Morning Judith finished both of her wild life cushions with zips so...
lets give a fabulous and finished fanfare... toot toot toot.
The elephant design is an original by Christabelle,
who was happy to lend it to Judith...
 What a lovely and very generous lady.
After sandwiches, we chopped up a Moda Printemps Layer Cake 
Only so that Jenny could show me something interesting... 
We had a lovely afternoon stitching away!

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