Wednesday 15 October 2014

Stitching News

Monday Sheila's fabulous and finished quilt
This beautiful quilt was made from a Moda Layer Cake, with the addition of the name strip and the borders of course. Sheila made it to be gifted to a little girl who is not too well, in hopes that it cheers her up a little, I bet it works a treat
PM Pam is making great progress with her Hugs And Kisses blocks they are all getting border strips added. Pam's using lots of different blue and green fabrics which are going to add to the fabulous-ness of the finished quilt!!
Lady Judith is having fun... this beautiful little wall hanging from the Art to Heart book Winsome Baby is for her latest Great Grand Daughter... she has a lot!
How lovely it is to make little cute projects!
Christabelle perfected her little gifting idea of making fabric storage baskets... they can be folded flat making them great for travelling with, dressing table tidy?
They could be used for bread rolls too? I believe she's going to make lots more.
and on the subject of storage containers... what about these?...
Jenny has booked to do a workshop for them... each one will fit inside the next,
Stackable Storage... what would you put in yours?

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