Monday 6 October 2014

Stitching News

Aunty June's Railfence quilt. She made this one with 2 1/2" strips so each block measures 6 " finished. It's a great design for refreshing your accuracy skills or for learning good basic skills.... we love the railfence design! Wonderful colours too...
you can't beat blue and white... a classic favourite!
This is one section of Merrily's latest memory quilts... She made it in three parts... long thin sandwiches are a very convenient shape for my tables... he he he
... they are easy to join 'apartment-ly' too
Di Butterfly finished her tote bag... basically it's a long-ish quilt folded up and stitched, it's quite chunky/bulky... it was photographed on the front cover of the August/September Fabrications magazine which included the pattern. The instructions were not too clear... but it is now fabulous and finished! toot toot toot Di
Louise had a quick refresher before starting her quilting.
 How to pull threads to the top before stitching, how to ensure a great quilting stitch with good tension and how to tie off those ends, threading them through until the knot 'pops'... a very enjoyable sound!
Jenny Barlaston had challenged her very own self to make, and finish, a quilt in one week... Jenny's chosen design was a Suduko puzzle she had done earlier... she had an unmoveabubble gifting deadline! How lucky she is that I have great tables for sandwiching our quilts... I do believe that the deadline was met.
Lovely Lyn came to sandwich too... this is such a happy quilt, bright and cheery.
Aside from the background, all of the other fabrics were found in Lyn's very own stash... quilting time next... I wonder what design Lyn will choose?
Poppy's Mum came to show me her fabulous bed scarf and to get a little advice about her first time ever Free Motion quilting... she did a great job too... My first reaction as the quilt unfolded? I want one!! ha ha ha  It's so very lovely and the fabric choices are wonderful... I even know from where she purchased them!!

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