Tuesday 21 October 2014

Stitching News

All is revealed.... the Art Gallery fabric selection that I showed to you yesterday have now been made into delicious Dresden Plates. Pam needs to make twelve of  them for her quilt, she says the Art Gallery fabric is beautiful to work with, I agree... it's luxurious and doesn't fray!
OK.. Pam is on a roll... this happy-lishous Hexagon project was to be a long term, portable one... you can see it's not going to take years to complete... Pam's making Hexagons Lick-e-tty Split!!! We laid out the progress so far... boy, do these colours make you smile! We love Moda Grunge fabric!
Just Jan added the last two borders to her Persian Carpet quilt... It's finished... at least the top is... in the picture its folded up ready for home. Jan's working on the back now and a sandwich making session is imminent. "How will I quilt it"... that's Jan's current question... any answers?
Oh, to be this organised... Christabelle is always organised, smart lady!
To be fair, it would be ever so easy to get muddled with this project, the blocks are so similar, labelling them in packs is probably the only way to stay on track.
Of course... there were many more lovely projects that I could have taken pictures of.., but I've only got one pair of hands!

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