Friday 3 October 2014

Stitching News

Giggly Gillian decided to add a little binding to her pretty cushion.
It's a beautiful pattern and idea for those tiny little Hexagons, don't you think?
Lovely Lyn is battling with colour daemons! ha ha ha
This colour scheme is so far from Lyn's favourite that she doesn't even know why she is using it... I'm thinking that she must have been touched by an extraordinarily colourful spell. Lyn is quite gripped by the fabrics but has no clue why!
New Sue continued to make tiny little 9-Patches. The squares finished?... three quarters of an inch... Sue's making a table runner... unless we can persuade her to make a quilt! ha ha, believe me... there's absolutely NO chance.
Poppy's Nan had the urge to try a little patchwork. She purchased a new, super-duper sewing machine, a book and a pile of my gorgeous fabrics... two weeks later...
Poppy's Nan's first quilt... huge and AMAZING!!!!
At the end of the day I realised that there weren't too many photos for sharing again.... so I thought I would show you my sustificate... you know the one....
It says I am a Threaducation STAR!!!

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