Thursday 21 May 2015

Quilty Quarters

 I spent more quality hours in my Quilty Quarters yesterday. The large family of Flying Geese makes the border on this quilt. I'm a big fan of thin inner borders, I think they are almost essential but this time they wouldn't work with the mathemisms... Everything on this quilt top is two inches, even the four inches! ha ha ha... so adding a half inch border would have thrown out the pattern... I tried two inch wide inner border strips... yuk!...didn't like it, no matter what colour I experimented with. This quilt top will not be for everyone, the fabrics are 'different' the colour choices are 'different' too... Yellow, brown, pink and turquoise?
It doesn't matter... I love it! ha
Now then... I'll be honest, I don't love the back... I made the Scrappy Trip Around The World blocks quite a long time ago and put then in a neat pile in a cupboard not knowing what I wanted to do with them. Whilst rooooting through my stash yesterday for a good fabric for the back of my 'Different' quilt, I found them again. I still didn't love them and that meant they had to either be the backing of a quilt or go back in the cupboard... the rest is history now... here's the decision!...There's a sandwich making saturday in my very own quilt shop this weekend... and there's a time slot or two not booked for using my tables... so, I will get this quilt sandwiched and ready for my long weekend of stitching. yeeeeha!

I hope you have remembered that there's a Bank Holiday on Monday and that my lovely little yet very well stocked, quilt shop will be closed for one luxurious extra day.
Saturday 23 open as usual
Monday 25 closed
Tuesday 26 closed
Wednesday 27 closed... but then we are always closed on Wednesdays!
Thursday 28 back to normal...
I love long Bank Holiday weekends...
What will you do with yours?

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