Monday 13 July 2015

Quilty Quarters, With Fudge!

 I had very few Sunday chores to do... 
Lick-etty-split washing and other stuff on the short chores list was finished... mind you, I had been up since 5am, that could have helped...
So, I treated my very own self to a Solo Sunday Sewing Retreat...
Applique on this stocking had been planned for the 'proper retreat' last weekend but it only managed to see the light of day for 5 minutes as I wasn't in the 'mood' for applique stitching.
Now though, it is all done.
It took all, all, all day mind you... to stitch round all the fiddly little bits, changing threads and bobbins as I went, I made a great, but fun, mess in Quilty Quarters... then I saw on the pattern that I 'should have' used one thread throughout, I do now wish I had noticed that as this is a shop sample! And then I had to do a little PMS fudging as I had cut the back of the stocking a bit short, thank goodness for rotary cutters!... oh, and the fudging continues... the binding should have been cut on the Bias, darn it... why didn't I read that properly or at least figured it for my very own self... it was way past my bedtime so I left it as you see it here... I might try to manage with the straight cut binding... PMS (Pleasing My Self!!) if it looks rubbish when it's stitched on, I will do it properly!!
You know, it's such a long time since I did any applique work... I found it to be fun!
Even done the fudging way!!

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