Tuesday 28 July 2015

Stitching News

What a fabulous picture!!!
PM Pam came to make sandwiches on Saturday
This bright and beautiful Hexagon sandwich will be hand quilted in the fabulous Big Stitch style. Oh my goodness... what fun it was choosing the thread!!
I love this picture!
PM Pam also sandwiched this 3D quilt. The pattern was in Love Patchwork And Quilting magazine recently. It's Pam's retreat quilt... this one will be machine quilted with a YLI variegated thread.
This is turning out to be a PM Pam Post!!! ha ha ha
Pam has a friend who's husband uses a wheelchair. It can be tricky pushing a wheelchair and holding on to your handbag so, Pam invented a wheelchair friendly Handbag-Bag! What a great idea...
Marilla came to show us her almost finished and totally fabulous, Stargazy Daisiez quilt, it was professionally, long-arm quilted. Marilla needed to choose the binding and, you know what??? I had the perfect fabric so Marilla went home happy.

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Unknown said...

The quilts are fabulous! I made the Daisiez for my granddaughter and I am working on a hand sewn hexagon quilt right now! Funny coincidences. It looks like we have finally formed a quilt group here in Merida, with 6 women at my house yesterday, 4 beginners. It should be good fun! XO