Thursday 23 July 2015

Stitching News... Bumper Edition!

New Sue very proudly held up her quilt top with a yelp of excitement about it being finished. For Sue this is a very liberated project... the colours are not her usual bag and there were mathemisms to do... It's looking amazing, don't you think? The pattern is Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell, and they'll be back in stock very soon!
Rose grabbed the opportunity to make a sandwich with her latest finished top... What Colour Is An Elephant, also a Jen Kingwell pattern and, once again.. back in stock very soon... this is a lovely and simple to do pattern
Early Arty Sue is on the final straight with her quilting. The design is very sweet with loops and hearts and Sue is doing them quite close together... she was surprised at how much thread she's needed.
Princess Jackie is adding the embellishment detail to her Santa quilt. She's really enjoyed making the Log Cabin blocks... they are very small with logs finishing at 1/2" ... this is one lovely book that, unfortunately, is now out of print... it is still find-abubble though!
This is also Princess Jackie's project... remember she's our first prize winning quilter!! She loves to stitch applique... now designing her own it seems... just look at those beautiful borders and corner stones... this has also been sandwiched.
Jean Bean continues to make the lovely houses in readiness to take for the Linus Charity stand at the Festival Of Quilts, only two weeks away now... We're trying to encourage Jean to produce patterns for her house blocks.. don't tell her that I told you though eh!!
New Sue finished her Kaleidoscope blocks, more yelps of joy were heard!!! ha ha ha well, not actually finished but all to this point. There's half square triangles to be added to the corners yet, but the mathemisms are done so it should be easy enough.
Time for a toot toot toot fanfare for Rose's fabulous and finished, quite large, Nautical cushion... With a zip concealed in the back. Such lovely colours and fabric choices...
Well done Rose we love this cushion! Don't we?
PM Pam also needs a toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished cushion. It's another huge one, Pam made it with the left overs fabrics and the pattern is from the Quilt Lovely book...Pam's booked to make two sandwiches this weekend so I will snap a piccy of the quilt for you then. 
Tadaaaaah I need a toot toot toot fanfare because I have a fabulous and finished cushion!!! I love this project... there are mistakes because it was a prototype/tester project for a customer. I couldn't tell her any top tips having never made it but BOY am I better informed now... the top tips are ready!!
Here's the back with a concealed zip... ie.. you can't see it!
using little strip scraps I made it look wonderful...
even though I do say so for my very own self!!

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