Tuesday 14 July 2015

Stitching News

This is one of Jean Beans lovely, and quite quirky, little applique houses. She's making them to take to the Festival Of Quilts on the 9th August for the Linus collection. I wonder whether you can see anything not quite right with this picture? Answers on a postcard!! Oh the good old days when we sent postcards... of course, an email will do. It's a lovely house though eh...
No I Clare was ever so happy to have made her lap quilt sandwich. Two of the afternoon class ladies had to leave a little early and that left just the right size space for Clare to take advantage. Just how chic does her quilt look with those solid gold pins!!!!
Oh My Goodness... more cuteness from Anbacan. She's making this delightful table runner for her festive decorating this year. It's almost all stitched with blanket stitch edges, Ann loves it and... we love it too!
No I Clare has almost finished this quilt. The binding needs to be stitched but we won't be able to see it again, it will be gifted. The quilt has been made with clothes... can you see the jean legs at the top and bottom? Clare has had fun embroidering with the fancy stitches on her shiny new sewing machine.
Lady Judith worked all morning on her latest quilt blocks but in the afternoon she made a Bendy Bag... I love this fabric... doesn't it look great with a red zip and red topstitching!!! Toot toot toot Lady Judith, it's a small but fabulous finish!

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