Wednesday 29 July 2015

Stitching News

Annbacan has her snow in place... it's always tricky stitching with white fabric as the colours underneath show through it... not for Ann, she backed her snow with Thermolam.. very white and rather fluffy... time to embellish those trees now. 
Just Jan has started to join her block into rows.
Classic blues and white is always a winner. I think Jan was wiggling that iron, with some speed... see how it's blurred! ha ha ha
All Day Di came to class for a rest! She's been moving her whole world to a new home... with a sewing room!!! It's been a long process but, I think you will agree... we will put up with a lot to have a 'very own' sewing room!!
Di started working on her Uncle Joe's Quiet book.
PM Pam started quilting her 3D quilt. It's having simple lines stitched following the patchwork design... they will hold everything in place very well and technically, it's just enough... then, after Pam trims and binds the quilt, she can start to add more quilting if she still wants to.
Just Edna made a huge, round sandwich with this play mat then spent the day quilting it... she had planned to work on her large Hexagon quilt but had forgotten to take it to class... she's not the first lady to forget her project!
Lady Judith has all of her blocks made now, she's done a lot of homework! Joining them into rows, Judith's being careful to follow the pattern as alternate rows are a little different... so far, all is good.
And right now we need a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous and finished cushion made by Steph, a beginner who, I have to say, has already joined us on the 'dark side', he he he... she has another cushion and two lovely lap quilts almost finished... already!

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