Thursday 8 June 2017

Here We Go Again... Updated!

I am in another shelf space pickle!!!
I've gone and done it very well this time.
New fabrics have arrived, more fabrics are due in on Friday, including Batiks!
I've already got the terrific trolleys full, they are all over the shop"Trip Risks!!"
I could cancel classes and used the tables for displaying the new fabrics but, and I'm just guessing... I would not be popular!!! 

I do love having too much fabric for you all to choose from... but, once again, I have no choice... 
Starting tomorrow, until panic sets in (and you know it does panic me when we sell too much fabric!!)  
Empty a bolt and I will take off 10% from the cost of your fabric piece.
There are quite a few bolts with very little fabric on them, especially blue fabrics, you could bag-a-bargain!!
There is still time to purchase Kids Quilts Patterns with a saving of 25%

Oh dear... I need to go lie down in a dark room now !

I knew I would start to panic... 
Yesterday I had to give 10% discount on many many bolt ends, thank you for that it really helps my shelf space pickle... 
Since when did 4- 6 metres class as a Bitty Bolt?? Customers shouldn't finish my beautiful,larger bolts just because they want to... should they?... And they smile as they watch me grimace!!! But they took me at my word and made me sell it to them... and now I ran out of some of my favourites... oh, ohhh
We are doing it again today... 
Where's that dark room??

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