Thursday, 8 June 2017

Stitching News

 Lets start with a few finished projects...
Krafty Karen's up first... made in two separate halves and joined after all the quilting was done... but you probably can't see the joins... which is the plan. It's Karen's favourite method... a great way to make larger projects, and now, it's a fabulous and finished totally-toot-able quilt...Toot toot toot Karen!
Jean Bean has a fabulous and finished quilt too. Baby is already in our world so it's just as well. Note the great borders... floating squares on point... saves a lot of tricky joint matching... I hope you noted Jean's Faux Piped Binding... some people on t'internet are calling it Magic Binding.

A quirky backing too... I do love a quirky backing don't you?
The quilt is mostly made with scrumptious Art Gallery fabrics
Toot toot toot Jean Bean... a rare and fabulous finished quilt.

New Sue made this fabulous and finished project. She was stitching it on our recent Westhope Retreat. The fabric is a Moda Linen blend with cotton and it is very luxurious to touch and to work with. The back has a covered zip. Toot toot toot Sue, it is truly lovely.

I think you can guess who this project belongs to?
Princess Jackie made this quilt sandwich at Westhope... there are many rooms with many tables there so it was a perfect opportunity ... it's another fantastic, colourful kiddy quilt.

Rose also worked on this fabulous quilt at Westhope and continued on Tuesday... aren't those little Prairie Points wonderful!!!  I think they tie the whole thing together wonderfully... Clever Mr. Black! Clever Rose!

Princess Jackie spent her day quilting this intricate floral wall hanging... boy this lady had a lot of patience... such detail and every bit will be quilted around! I know.... ! Not sure I could stay calm enough to do all of that!

I'm out of time as I better get down to my very own shop... I have deliveries due today... oh dear!

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