Thursday, 1 June 2017

Back To Normal...

Good Morning Quilty World!! I hope you missed me?
Don't pretend you didn't know I was gone!!! I've been telling you about it for 12 months!!! ha ha ha
We had the most wonderful and relaxing time at .
Phone pictures... Westhope College in Shropshire.
 I wish you could hear the buzzing of insects, mostly millions of happy bees
 and the chirping of millions of happy feathered flutterers...
and the amazing smell of green!! Just magical!!
It is a most beautiful, peaceful place with beautiful, kind and calm people... you can't help but relax!

This is the view from one of the windows in the upstairs classroom...
you do have to keep stopping what you are doing just to breath it all in...
It is quite hypnotic, especially when the sun is shining... We had perfect weather, if not a little bit too warm on the first day... but other than that perfect... just perfect!
This was in the morning in one of the main level classrooms... it was very early and still cool at this point and I set about dressmaking... just a simple top but that was taxing enough... I am a quilter!!! This stuff is all new to me... but I did it!! Will show you soon... have to do the hem yet.
Many projects were worked on... note I didn't say finished!! ha ha ha
I brought all of my beer back with me as The Lurgy continues, but it is getting very weak now... I Am Winning! The other ladies didn't bring back much Gin though... oh what a wonderful time was had by all of us.
We will be going again in 2018 and I already know some of what I will be taking to sew.... it's still packed! ha ha ha.

Right, as I said, we are back to normal now... no more wonderful bank holidays until the end August. We have Sunday Sew-in, Patchwork Parties to look forward to though, they are our one day retreats...  and there's one at the end of June, so I better get that organised next... one thing at a time... that's my style!!

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