Thursday, 15 June 2017

Stitching News, With Tooting

Queen Jacquie is first up with a totally toot-toot-able, fabulous and finished project. She attended a workshop recently to get this started. At 26"-28" a fabulous and luxurious cushion! Setting blocks 'On Point' always makes thing larger than planned, especially in this case... but it looks so good!!

Princess Jackie finished her fabulous and quirky Under The Sea quilt... beautiful bright colours, expertly appliqued. It's a Fishy Fishy Fishy quilt pattern from The Red Boot Quilt Company though Jackie omitted some of the original designs to keep control of the size. PMS... gotta love a bit of Pleasing My Self!!

Lots of people have been learning the No-Waste Flying Geese method in the classroom... such an impressive method and easier than easy!! So Jackie wanted to try too... A fabulous backing was created!!... Toot toot toot Jackie... another amazing quilt!

New Sue announced the finish of this cushion... very happily. She reminded us that it was started a very long time ago... sometimes, real life gets in the way of our productivity and we just have to 'go with the flow'... I think she is back on track now... so we give our Toot toot toot fanfare for this fabulous and finished cushion... with hand quilting to boot!

PM Pam spent her morning quilting... she usually sits near the window during her classes and if/when that sun decides to shine, it's a little warm over there... especially with a large alphabet quilt draped over your very own self! So, by way of a change in the afternoon and to learn how to free-piece letters, Pam made this festive treat!

New Sue declared that it is taking her longer to make this little Doll Bed quilt than it takes her to make a full sized kiddy quilt... and I believe her!! but it is going to be a very lovely little bed for that dolly.
I've had notification (warning!) of more fabric deliveries, including Batiks, one small box is due today actually... not to mention 2 more rolls of 120" wide wadding, more rolls of Bosal In R Form, and a new Juki DX7 sewing machine for a lovely customer... also due in today... I have no idea where I will put it all... and I will not worry about that now... it's too late!
BUT... I am going to continue to take 10% off the price of your fabric piece if you empty an entire bolt for me. 
I have filled the terrific trolleys with 'bitty bolts' for you, including lots of Christmas/festive designs, so you can easily find bolts with not much fabric on them... but the offer does include all of the fabrics in the shop.

Kids Quilt Patterns have 25% off the marked price... and there are loads to choose from.
All Lazy Girl bag patterns (my favourite bag patterns) have been reduced in price, substantially... because the warehouse had a clear out and I scooped them all up!!
And... just because I can (and I have to!) my Temptation Trolley has been filled up with very tempting temptation!! fabrics starting at £5.00 per metre in fact.

It's very warm and sunny here in the Staffordshire Moorlands so you gardeners will be happy!!... Have I tempted you enough to come shopping for fabric and patterns??
Have a lovely day what ever you do... won't you...

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