Monday, 12 June 2017

Stitching News

Monday Sheila's wall hanging... Wow is it bright and happy...
We love seeing the same project made in different colour choices... When Sheila was in the process of choosing her fabrics, right at the background piecing stage, she wasn't sure about that bright green... But now? She loves it... we all love it! Toot toot toot Sheila, it's a fabulous finish.

Farmer Lynda all but finished her lovely Lap Quilt... We can't quite toot for it yet though as it's not technically finished... The crusts were trimmed and the binding was stitched on to the front... but Lynda decided to do the hand stitching at home and moved swiftly on to making her next masterpiece. 

All Day Di was super chuffed with her border fabric choice... it was stitched on lick-etty-split as she realised there would be enough space to make her quilt sandwich... we had a cunning plan... it's an 'open sandwich' as there's no backing fabric yet.... Di is going to quilt around the letters first, then we will pin it to a backing... that way the letters won't be reversed on the back! How smart are we???

Woopwoop.... Brenda Barbara finished all sixteen of her 6" beautiful Batik Pineapple Blossom blocks and just about had time to sew them all together, it's scrumptious isn't it! Brenda is making a large cushion for gifting so there's a sandwich and a bit of quilting to be done next

Only a few ladies came for Friday Quilt Club last week, so we were able to allow PM Pam to pop over and use a few tables to make her gifting quilt sandwich... This quilt needs to finished lick-etty-split as baby is coming very soon. You know we will do anything to keep you stitching!!! Our customer service is fantastic!!! Did you know??

Our Westhope Retreat is now a distant memory... two weeks have passed already and we are now talking about the next year's retreat, 2018!!
This year the ladies got together to make up a fabulous gifting hamper of goodies for me, to thank me for organising the retreat... Fran Cupcake made this wonderful little bag for me in one of my favourite fabrics, Thank you ladies and especially Fran Cupcake... and yes, I do still have some of that fabric in my very own shop... It's a very quirky-bright-fun-favourite fabric isn't it.

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