Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday Blues?

Well, that's the weekend over and done with... she sighs!
Do Sunday clock fingers go around faster than other days? It certainly feels like that to me.
I escaped to Quilty Quarters for an hour or two during the afternoon, applique is a slow process isn't it... all the thread colour changes! but always worth it in the long run.
I am not 'blue' because it is Monday though...
Just incase you didn't read my other 'Blue' post I will repeat the Blue thing...
Only 2 days left now... for Today and tomorrow, there will be £1.00 off the metre price of Blue fabrics to celebrate the arrival of my new Beautiful Blue car... even though the blooming weather and the pesky fly-by-birds have decided to stop it looking new!!
The 10% off any fabric in the shop for finishing a bolt for me has now finished... Thank you for helping me make shelf space! I promise not to get in such a pickle again... ooooh... my nose is growing, ha ha ha!

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