Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stitching News

Fran Cupcake came to make her lovely quilt sandwich.
Each applique has been stitched to my wonderful Moda Mochi Linen blend...
Fran says it's her favourite fabric to work with...
I thought that might interest you?

Norma came on time to make her gifting quilt sandwich... actually... Norma came twice because she forgot to prepare her backing so she popped home to sort that out. Because we offer excellent customer service... we dealt with it... our Annbacan was able to come in early to make her Hand sandwich (ha ha ha) so she switched table slot with Norma But I forgot to take a picture of Ann's hand sandwich.

Janet Le Vet booked a long Sandwich making slot... several hours!! She had quite a few quilts to pin. For one reason and another I can't show you all of them, nor can I show all of this one but here's a taster... now you all know where that wonderful black thread-ribbon-y fabric went!

Janet Le Vet made two Fairy sandwiches, there were 3 on the list but we ran out of time and pins ... and back muscles for the third one!

Merrily has almost finished her very special quilt. This is one block.... to tease! I talked Merrily into doing a bit of Faux Piped Binding so the end of this fabulous project is a little hour or two further away! ha ha ha I can't show it to you because it needs to be seen by Special people first.
There are a few secret project being worked on in my very own classroom so I can't show you... Just know that we are having a wonderful stitchy time... all will be revealed soon enough though.

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