Wednesday 19 July 2017

Stitching News

PM Pam used some of her left over beautiful Batik fabrics to make this fabulous and finished... and co-ordinating... cushion, toot toot toot... Actually it turned into a very good idea as Pam was able to practice how she thought she wanted to quilt the main quilt before committing to it....  it was a perfect design.

As we always encourage, a lovely cushion backing with the very simple method of putting in a hidden zip. It stops the cushion stuffer from popping out like a toddlers tummy when the pajamas are too small! ha ha ha

And this is PM Pam, on the very hot Tuesday, sitting at a table with the sun filled widow behind her as she slowly melted whilst quilting the main, and quite large, quilt... nothing like a large quilt to help you melt on a super hot and sticky day!
This 150 year old lady has stamina!!

Now, don't tell Princess Jackie that I showed you these next two pictures.
Are they just fabulous or what?
The pattern is Spring Bouquet by Laundry Basket Quilts

I thought it amusing when Jackie said that she was doing all the green thread applique first because she wanted to save all the bright colours to last... and that she reeeeeaalllly wants to stitch the pinks! ha ha ha

Krafty Karen, soon to be passing the 100 year age hurdle!!! Has decided to dable in applique. She's starting with one of our hot bargain patterns from Kids Quilts. First job was to decide which sticky stuff she wanted to use.... dilemma time.

Our Rose was also quilting... but not being perched in the window she didn't quite melt as well as our Pam. What a fabulous, bright and fun design this quilt is... I bet we will be tooting it very soon. Don't you love those extremely tactile little black Prairie Pointy bits?

New Sue also started a new project... I think the book is called Eye Catching Quilts and it's full of great quilt ideas. Sue made quite a pile of these luscious leaves with their super slender stalks... These are the easiest leaves of the three different designs she says.

Now then... Gail is making just a few more blocks...
Is that a total of 200? she's getting a little bit of stick from her colleagues over the length of time Gail has been making them, but it doesn't really matter does it?
It will be done, when it is done.
This quilt will be amazing, soon... very soon!

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