Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stitching News

Lady Judith is back... and she means business!
Hidden Wells progress... Hot and spicey colours coming together beautifully.
Remember she told us she would never make another large quilt...
Update... this one will be Kingsize!

Jean Bean started her day with a nifty-crafty sandwich... What a beautiful quilt this is... I must apologize for the dull picture, all my own work! ha ha ha... Jean has thoroughly enjoyed stitching this quilt top and spent the day quilting it, and... it could be a record breaking speed quilt for Jean Bean

Speaking of speed piecing... see the link! ha ha ha
PM Pam purchased these fabrics last thing in the afternoon on Tuesday last week.
This week she was making up matching cushions with the leftover Batik strips!

Our Carol is ever so pleased with her new cushion...
Made with the same method we use for the beginner cushions but cutting wider strip sets... It's a fabulous and finished cushion and therefore we shall give a toot toot toot fanfare

Our Carol invented a Faux-Piped cushion flap!!
How cool is that!
She is such a smarty pants... ha ha ha
Last evening I went to visit the next Sunday Sewing, Patchwork Party location to count up the tables and electric sockets, check on facilities, parking and access... all these things are important for our fun days... I can safely report that all was fabulous, there is a lot of space and there are loads of tables so we can open up a few more places if you were unsuccessful last time.
For more information about our Patchwork Party and to know the secret location, please email me 

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