Monday, 17 July 2017

Stitching News

Starting off with a loud tooting fanfare for this fabulous and finished quilt made by Norma... She made it for gifting to a lady who loves green... and it is green... lovely and fresh with the addition of the white fabric. toot toot toot Norma.

Lou Lou saw Queen Jacqui's Advent Quilt at our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party last month and couldn't wait to get the book to make one for her very own self... she's made a great start and is learning lots as she goes.

Norma is working on her Hidden Wells quilt in between all the other things she is sewing... and that is a long list! You know how exciting it is to start a new project don't you! Poor Norma can't sew fast enough for all of her ideas

Lots of customers are waiting for the workshop list to be updated.
I must apologise for the delay with that... I can't get my head around all the planning.
A few workshops have been added and I will be putting a few more very soon.
So, one workshop added is Cathedral Windows. but The Monday ladies don't want to wait until September so they are learning how to make Cathedral Windows in Monday Class... this is Sheila's so far... good eh!

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