Sunday 23 July 2017

Our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party

We had an absolutely fabulous day in Checkley Village Hall for our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party. There are loads of tables so we all had extra space if we needed it. The light is brilliant. Ample parking very close to the doors too. Oh, and I cannot tell you how wonderful the food was... did I mention that we had catering included for this event?... we even had freshly cooked breakfast pastries!  Thank you Sally and Judith for all the hard work, it was fabulous. Your quiches were divine!

My day was spent stitching more of these 22" Jelly Strip Roll blocks. Only two more blocks to make up, I ran out of fabrics but it was just at the end of our wonderful day so I didn't mind at all. Now that I know the pattern works I will share the link with you... it's here .

16 quilters came to play... see all the space!
See the perfect light too. It is a truly great venue...
There's a stage... we could make good use that in the future, hmmm

A view from a different angle... looking toward catering corner!
I have provisionally booked Checkley Village Hall for two further Sunday Sewing Patchwork Parties... one for Sunday 10th September and one in November. More details later
I could go to put my feet up... but there are such a lot of chores need doing..., so I am off down to Quilty Quarters... to heck with the chores!! ha ha ha

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