Thursday, 16 September 2021

Stitching News

This pattern is called Metropolis and it's from a book by Elizabeth Hartman. Rose has thoroughly enjoyed making it. It's a 'finished just in time, thank goodness the wedding was postponed to give Rose more time', gifting quilt... what a lucky couple... I mean to be receiving the quilt, obviously not lucky to have their wedding Covid postponed!!! A very Modern design and look at the back...

I know right? WOWZERS!!
It's the same block as is used on the quilt top, but enormous! 
A fantastic, finished, double sided quilt Toot toot toot Rose

Princess Jackie's Log Cabin quilt top is growing fast. She had made 90 blocks before deciding what to do with them, finally deciding on the Barn Raising layout, which is showing up lovely with all those bright colours.

 2 amazing projects, 3 pictures... better than none eh!!

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