Saturday, 25 September 2021

Stitching News


All Day Di has almost finished her quilting. There's more stitching than she had originally planned as she loved the way the woodland creatures were phooophing. Di's not so keen on tying off all the ends but sometimes it just has to be done, plus it's not as hard when there's plenty of social chatter to join in with. Not sure why Di bit into the wadding on the side there, quite big chunks too, I did offer her a biscuit, hey ho!

You may remember that Shirley couldn't decide what to do about corner stones. "To corner stone, or not to corner stone? that was the question!! She mulled over it for days but has now decided NOT to corner stone, we all agreed this time too, boom!

Jan's table runner centre complete. She listened carefully to my top tips for trimming and squaring, she even almost understood!! There are lots of useful lines on rulers, if you twizz them around enough times the right line will pop out! Top Tips for adding borders were much easier.

Sister Susie also added her borders. Her top tips included pattern matching, sort of. We couldn't match the pattern at the corners exactly but we figured out how to blend the designs pretty well. That's my ironing station multi tasking as a bed!

Fiona Too had a small problem, very small but important. Lots of companies print lovely picture panels but they never give much space for making them work when sewn. Sashing measurements had to be altered on the horizontal so the centre panel will work... that meant rectangular corner stones were needed... how very off piste!  It works though.

I've got a whole load of fabric due in next week so I am frantically trying to find somewhere to put the last lot that was delivered 3 weeks ago.
Quite an impossible task really... so I've had to fill the rooting rack with more end of bolt pieces... you know what that means don't you... might be a bargain or two or three.
I'll be adding more today as there's no class booked in.
I will probably take all the fabrics with me to Checkley tomorrow too. If I can fit them in my car with all the cables and ironing boards and the rest of the paraphernalia needed for a fun stitchy day.

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