Sunday, 19 September 2021

Stitching News

Things are very much getting back to normal in my classroom. Lots of projects are in the making and it's all very inspiring and exciting.
I've had lots of new books delivered too so they are helping, well it's helping my shop... I'm not sure my customers feel truly helped with their list of 'want to makes' getting longer, Ha!
I recently took a table runner to my shop just to show to people and it's proving very popular. It's made with traditional piecing from an older book... I think we forget a bit about these more complex blocks with all the Make It Fast patterns that are popular now. I have to say I do love a traditional pieced block.

Jan is one customer that saw my runner and decided she would like one for her very own self. She's an experienced dress/garment maker but had never tried Patchwork before. She's enjoyed the challenge. All 3 blocks took a bit of perfecting but Jan didn't give up... it's going to look great.

Shirley is doing a 'Make It Up as You Go' design. With all the blocks bordered with that wonderful orange fabric, she needed to decide on her next step. She's known from the outset that there would be Bones but she was deciding whether or not to use Corner Stones, we weren't much help as the decision was split!

All day Di had a lovely calm day quilting around her woodland animals. Apparently she gets much more work done when there's no Farmer Lynda to talk to!

Sister Susie wanted to refresh her Free Motion quilting skills. These blocks were left over from her Quilt-As-You-Go practice pieces so she was happy to use them for free motion practice. It makes it a bit easier with lines to guide the size of the design, for some folk.

Fiona Too had made a plan what to do with this panel before the first lockdown, well, it may have been just after the first lockdown, I lose track really. Anyway, she had fabrics to co-ordinate in a bag all kitted up from then but none of us could remember the original plan... so we made another plan and she cracked on with that.

Angela had been gifted the Bible Sampler book (below) and couldn't wait to get started on the blocks, She does enjoy a fiddle and a challenge and many of these blocks, all 6" finished, were just that, fiddley and challenging. It's a huge and fabulous... and fiddley, finished quilt and it's all ready for it's toot toot toot fanfare. Angela's going to make the same quilt again as she enjoyed it so much, blimey!

I've started to add a few Saturday classes to my classroom diary so if you want o go have a look they are in the tab at the top of my blog, first Tab on the left I think.

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