Tuesday 21 September 2021

Stitching News

 I was a bit late getting my camera out so I missed a few projects. The fact that we have these pictures is quite amazing though, it was quite a busy Monday...
Getting back to normal?... it's real!!

Liz has a lovely friend who had purchased a workshop day as a gift for her birthday, in March 2020! Blimey that was soooo long ago. But it didn't really matter... Liz came to class yesterday and had a lovely time, she produced this quirky little cushion and went home buzzing with excitement to make another. One more addict joins our fold!
Just Edna was able to get most of her baby gifting quilt top together, isn't it cute-etty-cute! The applique stitching will be done once the sandwich is made so that the ducks will show up really well on the back of the quilt, she's a smart cookie is Our Edna.
Jean Bean did a BIT more quilting, I think you can just about make out the darker lines? The purple chair was empty like this for much of the day, but customers were served, tea was drunk, lunch was shopped for (from the Bake House, for everyone, it's a Monday tradition) flowers were dead-headed, shop was tidied and laughter was enjoyed, it's not all about the sewing on a Monday! ha ha ha

Sheila made great progress with one of her cubes... until she realized that the bit she had prepared for the main body was not quite the correct size, it was way too tall but not quite long enough, that's like being the wrong size but a bit more positive! She's not put off though, another lot of fabric was chosen and instead of having 3 cubes in her nest Sheila will have 4 cubes... or more, you never know with our Sheila!

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