Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Stitching News

You must have noticed last week that I had taken pictures each day so I could keep you up to date with all the makings is my classroom? 
Christabelle finished her gifting quilt, complete with the superb Faux Piped Binding which is an excellent feature here, taking Clever Mr. Black right out to the edge of this quilt, don't you think?

This is sort of the back, it's a truly double sided quilt really and, in my opinion, this is a great way to use a panel for the front and a panel on the back... she's a smart cookie is Our Chris as it's almost impossible to get them to line up, using one panel as a border avoids that issue. Toot toot toot Chris, a fabulous and rather cunning, finished quilt.
Rose arrived on a mission, book and fabrics in hand... she got straight to the cutting. All this work was completed in class, even the tracing on to the sticky stuff, there's a lot of work here. Rose is so pleased with this project, it is really cute.
Sister Susie sent this picture to show that she had finished her borders and is ready for the backing and sandwich making process, I bet she might need a bit of fabric for that, fingers crossed, ha!

It was all going so well... I even stayed extra hours in my lovely shop last week and Saturday to get all of those piled high trollies organised. All the fat quarters were cut and My Mum Gwynneth came back from her holidays and so was able to start folding them all, ready for you to put in your basket... 

Then we were at Checkley Sunday Sewday. Once everyone was set up, I popped out to visit a fabric warehouse... lots of bolts of fabric followed me home. It was quite exciting showing them all to the ladies and they were really enthusiastic. After the fun day at Checkley, I delivered the bolts to my shop and made nice tidy, full and over flowing trollies, once again!! Ready for a new week of classes...

And, would you blooming believe it.... yesterday lunchtime, three BIG boxes of Makower fabrics arrived, the delivery guy commented on how heavy they were, which is always a worry!! ha.
This stuff was ordered so long ago I had forgotten all about it...
As Rose was trying to leave my shop, having had such a great and productive day, I heard her saying... to Jean Bean, "I can't get out, Angie has barricaded the they way with fabrics... have I got to buy enough fabric to clear the way to get out!"
Although that sounded like an excellent idea, it wasn't the plan... I have no idea what the plan is now. I have no idea where this is all gong to go... so once again I must ask you to be super careful when you come to shop, there are fabric bolts everywhere, and I mean everywhere!!!
It's absolutely wonderful, ha ha ha!!!
This is just one from the new Beth Studley, Henna range
Click this link to see the others, I have most of them in stock...
 Actually, they are piled up right by my door at the moment!

My Rooting Rack has been fully replenished with Bolt End fabric pieces and mis-cuts, that's a confession!
I was trying to keep them all because I love them.
I really have issues with letting the last bits go.
I might need them when I retire you see!!

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