Monday, 20 September 2021

Stitching News

What a busy few days in my classroom. Lots of folk wanting to learn different skills and methods, from beginners to those who've been coming for classes since my shop opened. There's always something to learn and there are so many fun ways to do stuff that we can't be expected to remember them all.

Lou Lou and Merlot wanted to try Foundation Paper Piecing so they both purchased the same book (This one) then booked in for a class to learn how. In my opinion, foundation paper piecing is probably the trickiest method to grasp but, as always, it's easy when you know how. The little trees were just to learn the method before cutting into their good fabrics.

Both Racoons look great don't they, so there's the proof, easy when you know how!  Easier with the Add A Quarter ruler though. One gadget that I wouldn't want to be without. Of course the book and the ruler are avail-a-bubble from my very own shop!

Deb has wanted to try patchwork for a very long time and to say she was delighted to have made her first ever star is an understatement, there were tears of joy! The second star confirmed the new addiction, she's coming back for more! I do enjoy being an enabler!

Donna had started this quilt top at home and wanted to take it from being a small square to a cot size, rectangular shape. Of course that was a simple task with a few Top Tips thrown in helping her to get it completed. Then, with Beano's help, a sandwich was made and the quilting commenced.

Lorna was so impressed with a little, but very important, "Top Tip" for sticking lots of tricky detail bits in the right place. A pair of long tweezers is a great and helpful tool too.  She finished sticking all the bits for her picture at home. A few hours of blanket stitching around all the shapes, which is a fabulous stitch on the Juki machines, and Lorna was ready to make her sandwich too and then she cracked on with her quilting.

I hope you are impressed that I remembered to take and to post so many pictures!!

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