Wednesday 24 September 2008

Home again

I'm back from my trip to England...
In Manchester one day, I visited a textile exhibition. I was thrilled to find quilts and quilty stuff...... These photos aren't brilliant as most are taken through glass.

This quilt, as you can see from the description, was made in 1811.

This wasn't really a quilt so much as a quilted picture. On the label it said that the lady was a quilter though.... who could have guessed?
This was done all in black and white fabrics, very clever.
This is a floor exhibit, there were several leaves all made from different coloured buttons.

This quilt is Spanish and dated 1650 - 1750

Another day we went to Buxton in Derbyshire. There was a little 'junk' shop selling this machine for £38.00, it's a Fister Rossman hand crank machine. It has a shuttle shaped bobbin.

I have never seen this type of bobbin before.

I couldn't buy it, even though it was in full working order, it was too darn heavy and bulky in it's beautiful box!

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