Thursday 25 September 2008

Quilt Class

Lots of cutting practice at quilt class yesterday (Wednesday).

As I predicted, Clementine finished her first hand pieced quilt and has decided to try machine work.
Here she is learning how to use the rotary cutter, mat and ruler.
She is making log cabin blocks to start with.

Rosario also got her strip set cut and then cut more strips to make a bigger project.

Anita continues to work on her sampler project, she cuts very accurately... she has had a lot of practice already.
Anita, multi-tasking.... sewing and chatting with Ann, it is great to find new quilting friends.....

With 3 strip sets all sewn and pressed, Ann was determined to keep everything precise and took great care to cut accurately....

Nothing sewn yet but these sexy colours show off the rail fence design very well....

This is Katja. She hasn't been able to come to class for a while. She is making half square triangles using this brilliant method where you mark the fat quarters with lines in pencil then sew either side of the diagonals before cutting anything....

You can see the drawn and sewn lines better here....

Perfect Half Square Triangles, very clever and much faster than cutting them individually.

This is the result.
This quilt will be full of pinwheels all made from these colours but lots of different prints.

There was a box hiding under one of the tables... I took a peek.... MORE NEW FABRICS!!!!!
This is a few of them... lovely!

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