Tuesday 2 September 2008

I'm installed!

I am now in the new house. Lots of things are still in boxes but that will take a while... as always !...we still have some things in boxes from when we left Brazil... hee hee.

I had a new (old) baby very recently. My very favourite best, most useful friend gave this wonderful treddle sewing machine to me. I am very honoured and happy that Regina wanted to let me look after this machine for her. It was bought brand new by her mother and has stayed in her family ever since. A little spit and polish will see it on it's way back to it's former glory. 

I have all of my stash in place. My tables have been in just about every position in this sewing room, but now I have decided where they will stay. All I need now is a little time to get stitching.

Classes at Arco Iris A Metro commence tomorrow. IWP Quilters meet on Thursday and there is another PIP camp on Friday & Saturday....

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