Thursday 11 September 2008

Quilt Class

Clementine came to class with all 3 of her blocks finished. During class she sewed all the setting triangles in place, she does lovely hand work. I did hear her make enquiries about learning to piece by machine though... he he he

This is one of 4 new ladies that came to class this week. Her name is Amalia and this picture shows her singer sewing machine, it is from 1929 and is very heavy. It is a real treat to see older machines working alongside the modern ones... generally, not a lot has changed really...

Paula's oldest daughter, Sofia, was making a block today she did very well with her tiny machine.
Sofia was struggling with her piecing, her regular computerised sewing machine is poorley so she had to downgrade for this class. But those babies won't wait and the quilts need to be finished!

Anita finished three blocks for her sampler quilt. She is not finding it easy to choose the fabrics for each block, this comes with more experience... looking good so far though.

Ann has decided to go back to basics and so started a new Rail Fence quilt. She wants to iron out her doubts before continuing her Bento Box style quilt. This is Ann & Anita working.

This is Clementine, hand stitching. Ines, in the background, is learning to hand quilt and was teaching Sofia how to piece at the same time... multi-tasking!
It was a very busy morning. I didn't get pictures of everyone as I was busy busy busy....
Next quilt class will be on 24th September because I will be taking my home leave trip to the UK soon.

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