Sunday 28 September 2008

Quilt Class

We started Quilt Class with a little 'show & tell'. Magda was lucky enough to get a new sewing machine during the summer break and has wasted no time since then.
Armed with only a few pictures from the internet, her own creative talent and some gorgeous fabrics, she created this design. She now has the border fabric so we should see it finished for the next Saturday class (what do you think Magda?)

This is another of Magda's. Clever placing of the floral focus fabric gives the illusion of flowing roses and trellis
I should not laugh when a new student brings along her pride and joy machine, but I just couldn't help myself yesterday.
Actually, I jest.... Eunice has her own "real" machine but it was too heavy to bring to class. She had a very kind friend lend her this one and it wasn't until Eunice took it from the box that she realised what she had. She did try to use it, much to my amusement....

Luckily one of the class machines was free so she was able to continue in 'style'.

By the end of class Eunice had lots of rail fence blocks ready to piece together for homework.

Benvinda is hand piecing her project, after making the templates, here she is marking the sewing lines before cutting the pieces. White marking pencils are a great help on darker fabrics.

Magda finished this table runner too, all hand pieced. Obviously she is making the quilt sandwich here, with pins because it will be machine quilted! he he he, well, who wouldn't with a new Bernina to play with!

Wednesday classes at Arco Iris A Metro are so busy now that we are starting another regular class on Tuesday afternoons.

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