Friday 12 September 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Anneliese bought in a lovely apple pie to accompany our coffee... it was delicious!
It was Therese's day for 'show and tell', she has finished many projects over the summer. The Chunky Churdash now has pride of place on Therese's bed, she says it is perfect...
This is the label, evidence that this quilt reeeeeally is finished!

This is one of her three table runners. Therese used the 'cheats method' for these quilts... someone bought her this fabric with a patchwork design printed on it, Therese only had to do a little block piecing, the quilting and binding! sometimes it's fun to cheat....
Caught on film.... ladies in a shopping huddle, Anneliese bought in a fabric catalogue that the ladies couldn't resist. (She also had a new Bernina sewing machine over the summer!!)
I explained how to make a scrappy bargello quilt.... but these ladies were still trying to figure it out a while after! In my opinion... It is one of the patchwork methods that sounds very complicated, but once you make one, it is probably one of the easiest... Bette and Cathy will be making one soon... though they are still a little puzzled, I think the expression is... "as clear as mud!"

Some ladies who were gathered around looking at Therese's quilts, on the table.

This week I named my new sewing place...
Cave is the portuguese word for the basement layer of a house, my room is in the basement so....
from this day forward it shall be called "The Quilt Cave"

The next IWP Quilters meeting in The Quilt Cave will be on Thursday 2nd October as the 25th September is our IWP Activity Fair.

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