Friday 20 February 2009

All Day Sewing

Sofia was finishing a fabric bag on her brand new Bernina Aurora, she was smiling all day about her new machine!
Ursula has been practicing with different patchwork technics and used the practice blocks on the back of her stunning Bargello quilt.

Rosalia, our Blue Lady, has now finished the blocks for her quilt centre, unfortunately she forgot to bring her fabrics so she couldn't start the border blocks, she was going to make the all of the triangles.....
The borders will be like the ones in My "Lilly's Colours" quilt from the Block Party book, it's a great second project, more acurate cutting and piecing and a good introduction to triangles.

So, Blue Lady decided to start the backing.... it will have a section of 'lasagne' strips using the left over strips from the log cabin blocks.

Ana, another proud owner of a brand new machine....Bernina Aurora, she has been wanting one for ages!
Ana's Pineapple Blossom, she was quilting this all day... on the new Aurora, of course!
The quilt doesn't have legs, but I wanted to show you that is was sunny yesterday..... a splash of sunlight just makes everyone smile...... spring is here!!! Hooooray!

Amalia started a new project. She loves these bold fabrics, the design is from a Kaffe book. She has been collecting the fabrics for a while.

Next week we will be starting an Easter project, A cute Bunny.... more later....

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