Thursday 5 February 2009

Quilt Cave

Ana claimed her little corner. She had a new mini iron, her own ironing board and cutting mat, no need to move from her seat at all.... except for a little mischief!!

Ana has made 26 of these blocks so far and we were trying out various settings. This way would have sashing.....

This on point setting would make it big enough without sashing...
Ursula and Ann worked together to make another quilt for our charity collection....
Rita and Ana were caught using two 24" rulers each!
Maureen got the border on her table runner, made a great backing and made a quilt sandwich, next week.....Quilting.
This is a project that Irene has been working on at home, today she was making a charity quilt.
The Blue Lady joined us today for the first time, she has a new Bernina Aurora to play with. This is her sample of the 'jeans circle' quilt, the middles are cut from ties! She also spent a few hours quilting a small project with her new BSR, no picture though.... oooops
Therese working and Regina Molly sitting, Regina also was working on the charity quilts today.
Anita has almost finished the blocks for her stained window quilt, Molly is watching her trim them all to be 91/4" square.....
Here's two of the blocks.....
This is my version, the colours don't show too well in this picture, it is all very bright, hand dyed fabrics.... I had to post this so that Anita can use it as a guide to work on hers at home! he he he
And last, but not least... Rita's quilt top....Started last week, and now finished. quite a big second project.... she is also being guided by Miss Amalia.
Her first project, the Rail Fence table runner, isn't finished, I think because I didn't find time to help her make the sandwich today, sorry Rita.

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