Tuesday 10 February 2009

Quilt Cave or Sweat Shop...

We met 1 hour early today to have Therese show us how to make "real" hummous. They are shelling the chic peas...
Obviously they heard my camera click ..... Garen has a hummous addict in her family so this was very necessary for her.
Anyway, soon we were back down in the Quilt Cave.
Anneliese bought in her planned, scrappy Bargello quilt to show us. She says she uses it on her bed and it is lovely and warm. Anneliese used thick polyester batting for this quilt so it lovely and 'poofy'.
Therese's Pineapple Blossom is finished too. Her next project will be a table runner which she will start on Thursday.
Soon we got down to business. Paula donated two huge rolls of batting for our charity sandwiches. Each lady brought in her own pins so as to save any confusion.
It was like a production line in a factory... I was making backing, Therese and Sally were putting on the last few borders, Garen, Ursula and Irene were making sandwiches ... back breaking work !

Anneliese and Jutta started the quilting. We each took one project, Ursula and Therese took two.....
Regina couldn't make it today but she called to say she was making number 15 at home with her friend.... keeping herself usefull !

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