Wednesday 4 February 2009

Quilt Class

The Kaleidoscope quilt is proving to be very popular.
Today Noemia couldn't resist starting one of her own. She chose this fantastic, colourful fabric. It had a 25" pattern repeat and was 1.50 metres wide... I hope you notice the perfectly co-ordinating clothes for this fabric!!.

. Noemia is pinning lots of points to hold everything steady for cutting..
Antonia was multi-tasking, making a star block and learning stack and whack at the same time... and talking, and laughing,,, she does that a lot!
Noemia's kaleidoscopes cam out so well! She chose a medium yellow for the background....
another set.....
another set
and another.... all absolutely fabulous!!!
Dulce joined us today, so she was making her Rail Fence... she was sewing perfect scant 1/4" seams in no time.
Antonia, every time she took the pieces to the sewing machine, she was puzzling how to put it all back in place... she did manage in the end though.

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