Sunday 1 February 2009

Quilt Class

At quilt class Amalia cut out the triangles for yet another kaleisoscope quilt. This time we did it with the "Stack-n-Whack" method. Just to know a different way really as the result is the same. I think Amalia is addicted to these kaleidoscopes... like my best friend Frankie!!!
in this picture, Miss Amalia is explaining how it works to Alexandra...
This shocking pink will be used for the background.....

2 more swirls... the pink is perfect isn't it?

Alexandra has her rail fence quilt top finished, it was a bit of a puzzle but we cracked it! She got the borders sewn on too, with corner stones.
Suzette's table runner, started by hand and finished on the sewing machine, like many ladies do....

We made the quilt sandwich and Suzette was able to get the quilting done, also by machine. She was talking to herself a lot while she sewed!!
She also admitted to being addicted to patchwork and quilting... hmmmmm, shocker eh!

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