Wednesday 18 February 2009

Quilt Class

Noemia has almost finished the top of her kaleidoscope quilt, just one last strip of orange is needed on the bottom and then the main borders, which will be 5" wide of the main fabric. It's good to see how the fabric started out.
Lisete has finished the top of her log cabin quilt, she has also started to quilt her rail fence throw (no picture). Lisete is another lady trying to learn everything I know before I leave....
I have been told that some people think it is bad manners to flip a quilt over to look at the back. With stitching as neat as this, I figured it deserved to be shown to the world, besides, I love to look at the back of work,,, even though some ladies forbid it!
Noemia is cutting strips for her next project, a scrappy bargello .... my favourite! It's just so chic to match your clothes to your work!
Antonia, marking out the masking tape with the strip width measurements for her Bargello. I had to give her and Adelaide a "back to basics, fractions" lesson.... I think they "get" inches now... he he he
This is Antonia nearing the end of her cutting ordeal, I think she will be an expert with the 1/8th of an inch after today.... though her eyes may remain crossed for a day or two... he he he
As Antonia cut, Adelaide was sorting the strips into their correct position... a team effort!
Antonia informed me that this will be all finished for the next lesson.... lets see....

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Arco Iris a Metro said...

Gosh...... whom would say that it was bad manners to look at the wrong side of a quilt?